Neuro-Oncology Program

Brain and spinal tumors, like many other cancers, come in a great variety of types, each necessitating a different approach to treatment that may require medical, surgical, or radiological intervention. As a result, an effective neuro-oncology program requires expertise in all of these therapeutic modalities. This expertise is available at USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and Hospital.

The USC Norris Neuro-Oncology program offers a comprehensive approach to caring for patients with brain tumors, bringing together medical neuro-oncologists, radiation oncologists and neurosurgeons to provide patients with a broad range of treatment options. Such an approach can be of great benefit to the patient, not only at the initial diagnosis and treatment, but also at time of relapse, should a tumor recur.

As part of one of the most respected academic medical institutions in the country, USC Norris Cancer Hospital engages in clinical trials. This means patients in the Neuro-Oncology Program may have access to innovative and promising treatments not available at other hospitals.