Prostate Cancer

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The USC Institute of Urology is a national leader in prostate cancer surgery. We are one of a handful of teams across the nation with the capability of providing in-depth expertise across the entire range of prostate cancer treatments: robotic, laparoscopic, and open prostatectomy, cryotherapy, brachytherapy, external beam radiation, and watchful waiting. Specifically, USC urologists have developed the concept of real-time intra-operative ultrasound navigation and have pioneered thermal energy-free nerve-sparing surgical techniques, which result in the best potency outcomes. Our cancer cure rates are among the best in the literature, with low complication rates.

USC urologists’ aggregate experience with radical prostatectomy (robotic, laparoscopic, open) exceeds 5,000 cases, making us one of the most experienced programs anywhere for prostate cancer surgery. We are currently developing newer robotic and image-guided prostate biopsy and focal ablation systems.

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